Semanlink Home Page

Semanlink is a personal knowledge graph management system based on RDF. It lets you add tags, as well as other RDF metadata, to bookmarks, files and short text notes. Providing a simple way to organize the tags in a graph, it allows you to incrementally define the vocabulary you use when annotating documents with metadata. Read more...

Semanlink, which is built with Jena, has been presented at the Jena User Conference, organized by HP Labs (May 10th and 11th 2006, Bristol, UK). Here is the presentation paper.


My bookmarks

As a demo, you'll find my bookarks on this site. Click the "News" button at the top of this page to see the latest bookmarks that I added, in a page that looks a bit like the main page of a blog. Each bookmark has a creation date, tags, and often a short description (generally an abstract or a quote).



Release Notes