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  • Uriqr - A URI Search Engine (About)
    "URI everything, and everything is cool", right? But where do you find the URIs if you're doing this on a small scale? We have a great opportunity to spread the Linked Data message if we help people to make their FOAF files Linked Data, we just need to give them the tools.

    So, I created Uriqr (as in "eureka"), a simple little search engine aimed squarely at FOAF hackers and other RDF-aware people. It looks in a SPARQL endpoint of crawled data for any URIs rdfs:label'led or foaf:name'd with your search term(s). The results are then looked up against Sindice and ranked according to how many other documents reference them. This is cool when I want to get rid of some of the bNodes in my FOAF file, as it helps me decide which URIs to use for other people without having to look in their FOAF file.